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A single platform for Unified Communications comliance


When your customers use their credit cards to pay you online or over the phone, they trust you with their personal and financial information. The Verba system ensures that their sensitive information is always protected, and that your business easily and effectively mitigates risk, while meeting the high standards of PCI DSS compliance.

Verba’s award-winning recording system delivers a full suite of powerful compliance solutions that support every type of communication. Whether you’re capturing voice, video, instant messaging, or computer screens, the Verba system ensures PCI DSS compliance, and is the only complete collaboration compliance solution for Microsoft Skype for Business.


A Single Platform for Unified Communications Compliance

Monitoring the high volume of interactions that take place on a daily basis is a challenge, especially for businesses that operate large or multi-site contact centres. With its ability to capture voice, video, telepresence calls and even instant messaging on a single recording platform, the Verba recording system provides a fully integrated solution for capturing, storing, monitoring, finding and analysing your most critical interactions to ensure that you easily and effectively comply with interaction recording and data storage regulations.

Effortless compliance
Protect your customers
Pause & Resume

The Verba system incorporates a dynamic feature that recognizes when recording is necessary and when specific parts of a conversation should be censored. The pause/resume functionality of audio, video and screen recording can be triggered manually and automatically using APIs. Interactions can be recorded up to the point when customers need to provide sensitive data - such as credit card numbers - at which point the system stops recording, pausing both voice and screen, while this sensitive information is given and restarts only at its conclusion. The system will also redact sensitive data from any text-based conversation.

The system also provides automatic pause and resume for web applications. Whenever an agent visits a ‘banned’ page during an interaction, the Verba Desktop Agent detects this, automatically and pauses the recording. The recording is only resumed once the agent has left that page. Auto-pauses are clearly marked on the playback screens, so you always know that an automatic pause has occurred and the duration of that pause.

Enhanced Security and Access Control

Engineered for maximum security, the Verba solution incorporates multi-level access control, so that companies can define who gains access to what - and what actions they may take. Change log histories and full audit trails also assist in detecting security violations, performance problems, and any application flaws.

With the implementation of RSA digital signatures, the system is fully tamper resistant, and end-to-end encryption and RSA/AES based media encryption ensure that your sensitive data and high-value information is always powerfully protected, preventing reputational damage, non-compliance fines and data breach costs.

Superior multi-level access control
Logs every action of every user
Audit Trails

The Verba solution includes extensive activity logging, providing a database of all activities in the recording system – from configuration to playback. With the types and levels of logging fully configurable with easy search capabilities, administrators can conduct full trace audits to determine who has accessed any recording in the system for playback, export, or other critical functions.

Encrypted Storage & Data Protection

To prevent unauthorized access to recordings at a file system level, the system can apply optional encryption. Using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256, encryption is active during all stages of recording including acquisition, transportation, storage and replay.

Powerful data protection
Easy compliance with legal & ethical rules
Ethical Wall

The Ethical Wall is a dynamic feature that recognizes when recording is necessary and when specific parts of a conversation should be censored. Interactions can be recorded up to the point when customers need to provide sensitive data - such as credit card numbers. The system will stop recording while this information is given, and will restart only at its conclusion. In addition, the Ethical Wall can also redact sensitive data from any text-based conversation. In every recording situation, the Ethical Wall will ensure that your organization complies with legal and ethical rules effortlessly.

Reliability & Uptime

To ensure your mission critical environments, the Verba system provides the essential resilience to keep all your recording services operating, even in the event of other service failures. Software redundancy design also ensures that there is no single point of failure.

Protect your mission critical environment


A Single Platform for UC Compliance

Auto & Manual Pause& Resume for Audio, Video, Screen & Web

Multi-Level Access Control for Enhanced Security

High Availability & Disaster Recovery to Keep Systems Running

Powerful Data Protection