Ethical Wall

for Unified Communications

Safeguarding the compliance, privacy and security of your Unified Communications system


Verba Ethical Wall: Powerful protective technology that works with your Skype for Business or Cisco Unified Communications (UC) platform to give you firm control of the communications within your enterprise – plus the ability to regulate the access levels of external (federated) parties when extending your unified communications outside company boundaries.

Designed to separate groups or individuals from communicating for ethical, compliance, or privacy reasons, Ethical Wall can block presence visibility to ensure specific interactions are not recorded or stored, can attach disclaimers to any text based conversation, can filter content, and can control communication modes to eliminate conflicts of interest and guard against damaging data leakage.

Working as an integral part of Verba’s award-winning recording platform, or as a stand-alone system that works with any other recording application, Ethical Wall is an essential tool for effortless enforcement of corporate policy and industry regulations, and mitigates risk so that you can reap the substantial benefits that UC brings.


Protecting Privacy

Skype for Business facilitates collaboration among employees and among other Skype for Business users in externally federated companies. But how do you protect key personnel, such as your CEO or senior executives, from receiving unsolicited IM or voice communications or prevent their online status from being seen by certain groups or individuals from inside and outside the organization, while still allowing them to initiate a conversation with others? Verba Ethical Wall can handle it all.

With the ability to temporarily or permanently block presence information from internal and external users (subject to policy or inclination), the facility to block an external user from starting an IM conversation while still allowing an internal user to initiate communications, and the ability to choose which communication features are allowed, Verba Ethical Wall enables organizations to decide how connected they need or want to be in a way that suits the culture of the firm both now and as it evolves.

Keep control of presence visibility & protect key personnel from unsolicited contact
Delivering a level of control you can’t get elsewhere
Protecting Policy

Whether you want to achieve legislative compliance, eliminate conflicts of interest, or to support workplace procedures, Verba Ethical Wall helps you to separate entities and limit interaction, or the recording and storage of interactions, between certain individuals or groups across the organization, and control which users, groups or networks are accessible to certain external organizations.

Verba Ethical Wall makes it easy to define granular policy rules to create boundaries vertically up and down the hierarchy structure or horizontally between domain-based groups, group-to-group, and between your individual employees and those employees in federated organizations. With the ability to place one or two-way boundaries specifying who can talk to whom, and the facility to control which communication modes can be used for which conversations (IM, Voice, Video, Screen Sharing and File Transfer), Verba Ethical Wall enables you to meet all the security, compliance and privacy issues associated with a UC deployment and preserve the integrity of your most sensitive data and conversations.

Disclaimer and Notification Management

As organizations recognize the need to exercise more control over corporate communication, legal disclaimers and notifications are used to advise users of company policies and restrictions. Whether your organization needs these to protect from liability, avoid breaches of confidentiality – accidental or otherwise, or for regulatory compliance, Verba Ethical Wall provides the ability create, manage and attach disclaimer messages and notifications to all types of communication, including Instant Messages, quickly and easily via easy-to-use templates which can be accessed from the user-friendly Verba desktop application.

Attach disclaimers to all types of communication
Vital protective technology for real-time communications
Content Filtering

Verba Ethical Wall provides vital protective technology for today’s real-time communications, and is an essential tool for protecting your proprietary or sensitive information and shielding users from exposure to obscene or inappropriate language.

Ethical Wall prevents information leakage from within the organization, either inadvertently or maliciously, by automatically redacting sensitive data from any text-based conversation, so that it cannot be communicated or stored. The system also monitors the language used in communications - blocking, redacting or reporting content - depending on company policy rules. Various policies can be configured easily for the whole organization, groups or individual users.


Verba Ethical Wall supports all the communication modes of Skype for Business [Lync] and Cisco Collaboration products. Blocking support is available for Presence, IM Voice, Video and File Transfer in both Skype for Business and Cisco, as well as blocking support for screen-sharing, polling and whiteboard for Skype for Business.

Supporting all the communication modes of Skype for Business & Cisco
For single and multi-site operations
Scalability and Multitenancy

Verba Ethical Wall can be deployed for just one department or across an entire organization. It works alongside any Microsoft Skype for Business environment, and from single to multi-site operations.


Safeguards the Compliance, Privacy & Security of your UC System

Prevents Groups, Individuals & Federated Entities from Communicating for Ethical, Compliance or Privacy Reasons

Keeps You In Control of Presence Visibility

Ensures Specific Interactions are not Recorded or Stored

Attaches Disclaimers to Any Text-Based Conversations

Protects Information & Guards Against Abuse with Content Filtering

Lets You Control which communication modes can be used for which conversations (IM, Voice, Video, Screen Sharing and File Transfer)

Supports Skype for Business & Cisco Communication Modes