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Lync Call Recorder from GeomantLync Call Recorder

CALL RECORDING FOR COMPLIANCE & QUALITY: Most regulated and customer-focused organisations recognise the need to record certain inbound and outbound telephone conversations, and have call recording solutions in place to achieve this. With many organisations now using Microsoft’s Unified Communications platform for enterprise voice the requirement to extend call recording to Lync becomes increasingly important.Powered by Verba

Geomant’s Lync Call Recording solution has been developed as a result of cooperation between Geomant, a leading developer of added-value solutions for Microsoft Lync, and Verba, a call-recording specialist whose recording system is installed at more than 500 customer sites across 30 countries.

As a passive, network based, call recording solution, the Geomant Lync Call Recorder has no impact on the call experience. Recording takes place centrally, with call recordings and associated data securely stored for subsequent access.

The recorder’s on-line application allows for easy searching and review of recorded calls. Options include Quality Management, Desktop Screen Capture and pause and restart (e.g. for PCI compliance).

 Dashboard Screenshot for Geomant Lync Call Recorder

Key Benefits of Lync Call Recorder

  • Ensures compliance and improves customer service
  • Simple and rapid to deploy
  • Passive network based call recording solution, with no impact on the call experience
  • Secure: permissions-based access with full audit trail
  • Tightly integrated with Microsoft Lync
  • Supports multiple recording servers for complex network environments

How Geomant Lync Call Recorder Works

  • Software filters are deployed on all Lync Front End servers and/or SBAs – these filters automatically initiate recording of specified calls
  • Recorder server(s) deployed alongside Lync Mediation server(s)
  • Call information and decryption keys about all recorded calls are sent by filters to Recording Servers
  • Recording Server passively listens to call traffic and records it
  • Call is decrypted
  • Completed calls are stored in Media Repository
  • Calls are accessed via secure browser-based user interface