Real-Time Performance Management Solutions

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The ability to assess situations moment-by-moment, not just daily or weekly, so challenges can be addressed rapidly and performance adjusted accordingly, is as empowering for contact centre supervisors, manager and employees as it is beneficial for the organization’s bottom line. But for the greatest impact, it’s crucial that the right information is presented to the right people at the right time, and in the right context.

Incorporating powerful technology from Inova Solutions and Four Winds Inc., Geomant can provide you with real-time performance management and visual communications solutions that deliver real-time, actionable metrics to state-of-the art-digital displays that both inform and motivate your staff, while streamlining and automating your existing reporting processes.

With customizable and mobile web-based dashboards, transform your organization from the inside out with technology that can paint a complete picture of performance quickly and accurately with a single real-time view of activity and critical information across all channels and systems, so that you can maintain that delicate balance between meeting critical service level objectives, providing a positive work environment and delivering the ultimate customer experience.



How do you receive real-time notifications about agent and operational performance when the information you need most is fragmented among multiple systems and sites across your enterprise?

LightLink® - Inova’s powerful, real-time contact centre reporting and analytics software, funnels the sea of data generated by your various systems and converts it into information that is focused, relevant and actionable.

With LightLink® you can automatically extract, calculate and aggregate data from multiple systems and link the information to customized wallboard, dashboard and desktop applications. And to ensure that you’re notified of fast-changing contact centre conditions, you can program KPI thresholds to trigger alerts such as on-screen messages or colour changes, texts, emails or even audio notifications.

Interfacing seamlessly with leading contact centre technology platforms, and connecting to your existing systems, such as your ACD, CTI, CRM, ticketing, and workforce management systems, Lightlink extracts the critical data you need to feed your key call centre performance metrics to ensure better performance, productivity and compliance throughout your operations.

Funnel your disparate data into focused, relevant, actionable information
Communicate critical information with high-impact graphics

By integrating Inova’s powerful LightLink middleware with state of the art digital signage software from Four Winds Interactive (FWI) Geomant can provide you with the ultimate in visual communication for real-time contact centre management.

Showcase charts and gauges of real-time business and performance metrics alongside streaming live and recorded video and other multimedia content on crystal-clear, high definition monitors to keep your team motivated, informed and empowered to better serve your customers. Corporate logos, messaging, and common file types, such as Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint and Excel), Adobe, Flash and PDF that are used in your day-to-day operations, can be easily embedded into your multimedia signage in combination with your metrics and other data, and any changes made to your original files will be immediately reflected on your digital signs.

With a drag-and-drop interface, built-in layout editor, and multiple deployment methods, you can leverage your current content quickly to get your digital signs up and running in no time. And best of all, you don’t need to be a designer or developer to do it.


View your most important and actionable data from a single web dashboard that can be customized to meet your every need - and accessed from practically anywhere.

Instead of limiting you to one-size-fits-all, our experts can craft a cost-effective dashboard using your existing intranet platform that is tailored to your unique needs and requirements to deliver the data you want in a manner that makes the most sense for you. View real-time metrics effortlessly from your ACD, internal databases, and other systems in a consolidated dashboard that is accessible from any web-enabled device - including tablets and smartphones, making it easy for you to monitor performance as you move throughout the contact centre or when working remotely. And with colourful, visually compelling grids, charts and gauges that graphically display your KPI's, complex data points are simplified, making them easier to understand while providing supervisors with at-a-glance awareness of current performance.

So whether you’re looking for a high-level dashboard for executives, a more granular dashboard for floor managers, or a dashboard for agents that displays real-time individual and skill-group performance levels, each dashboard can be custom designed to provide the information your business needs to operate at peak efficiency.

Cost-effective access to real-time, actionable data from a customizable, mobile dashboard
A virtual wallboard for your agents’ desktops

Keep your call centre agents always in the know with Inova Desktop Presenter: a contact centre dashboard that draws real-time metrics from the multiple systems and applications already running in your contact centre and delivers them directly to your agents’ desktops and laptops.

For agents who work remotely, Desktop Presenter is the ideal choice as it gives them a sense of the real-time environment in which they work – keeping them informed and focussed, while guiding their actions to meet and maintain performance goals. But Desktop Presenter is also perfect in those call centres where group digital displays are impracticable because of a lack of space or limited sight lines.

Desktop Presenter can be easily customized to accommodate specific applications or to display critical information, and colour changes and pop-up messages are used to instantly notify agents of changing conditions that demand immediate action.


Powerful Real-Time Performance Management & Visual Communications Solutions

Customizable & Mobile Web-Based Dashboards

Delivers Real-Time Metrics Directly to Agent Desktops

Single, Real-Time View of Activity Across All Channels & Systems

High Impact Graphics

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