CallBack and Contact Manager

A beautifully simple cloud-based contact solution for transforming the customer journey


Imagine a solution that eliminates contact centre queues, eradicates abandoned calls, increases first contact resolution and smooths the peaks and troughs in call volume; and imagine a solution that transforms outbound contact into a customer service, and is as appealing to your customers as it is to your staff: Buzzeasy, the revolutionary new customer contact solution from the cloud, does all this - and more.

Other technologies often perform a single function - such as virtual hold - or come with a high-end price tag, so Buzzeasy is unique in that it unites 4 powerful functions into one affordable solution - and can be up and running in days.

Delivering advanced in-queue callback and virtual hold technology, Buzzeasy also unites any digital communication to your contact centre. From your web, mobile apps, email, SMS, chat, - even your barcodes - customers can be transitioned seamlessly from self-service to live agent with full customer context. With Buzzeasy your agents will always know who they’re talking to – and why.

With its impressive technology to run compelling outbound SMS campaigns that include interactive callback requests, and its unique ability to keep customers fully engaged with real-time digital updates on the progress of their call requests, Buzzeasy ensures that you and your customers engage more positively, more cost-effectively – and with minimal effort on both sides.



It’s no secret that people hate waiting, so when they’re given the choice of leaving a queue and receiving a callback at their own convenience (as soon as an agent is free, or scheduled for later) you’re offering them something truly special: Time.

With a genuinely beneficial choice – not just the option of navigating interminable IVR menus, and with dependable technology that ensures that you always deliver on your callback promise – customers will be on your side from the start, so that when their call is returned, your agents will be greeted, positively with ‘Wow! Thanks for calling me back’.

Relaxed customers and relaxed agents lead to a greater quality of service, a marked increase in first call resolution.

Your customers need never wait in a queue again
Technology that brings choice & control to you & your customers

Why pay for your callers to wait on hold when you can call them back at a time that is cheaper and more convenient for you – and considerably more convenient for them? With Buzzeasy, you can do away with Freephone call charges and replace them with cheap rate outbound calls, freeing up money which your business can utilize to off-set other business overheads.

Buzzeasy delivers the technology that brings both you and your customers choice and control.


Digital channels are a great way for customers to search for products and services; yet there are times when people need to speak with an agent.

Buzzeasy seamlessly transitions customers from digital self-service to live agent by adding a call-me button to mobile and web channels. With just one click visitors can request a personal callback - for now or later - from within any landing page on your website, mobile apps or social pages, and while the call connects, they’ll be kept digitally updated in real-time.

Crucially, every call can be delivered to the call centre with key customer information – including browsing history - so your agents always know who they are talking to and why.

Deceptively simple, the Buzzeasy call-me button is a powerful tool for cutting abandon rates, shortening handling times and boosting first contact resolution, and for transforming your online visitors into loyal customers.

Keeps customers informed & engaged every step of the way
Deceptively simple: Incredibly powerful

We’ve all been there: stuck in a call queue with no idea of how long we’ll have to wait to be answered. Buzzeasy strips away this major source of irritation by keeping callers informed and updated every step of the way.

At busy times, callers are immediately told of estimated wait times so that they can decide if they want to remain in the queue, or opt to have their queue position held automatically and be called back as soon as an agent is available. And while waiting for their callback, customers are kept engaged with digital real-time updates on the progress of their call.


Buzzeasy revolutionizes proactive contact with Responsive SMS, transforming intrusive outbound into a non-intrusive customer service – and overcoming regulatory compliance in the process.

By simply replying to the SMS message, customers can effortlessly request a personal callback as soon as an agent is available. And because customers can make their callback requests at a time convenient to them, your outbound messages instantly become a valuable, and appreciated, customer service.

Whether you have a compelling new promotion or want to or provide important customer information, such as contract renewals or appointment reminders, Buzzeasy ensures that your agents only speak to those customers who are interested in your offer and available – and willing - to talk.

Buzzeasy revolutionizes proactive contact
Cuts abandoned calls & reduces peak level staffing

Catering for variable demand is a real headache. The simple solution is to increase staff numbers in peak periods, but this comes at high cost and inevitably leads to surplus staff capacity at other times. The smarter, more cost-effective way is to offer them the convenience of a Buzzeasy callback – as soon as an agent is free, or scheduled for later.

With call volumes flattened and callback requests always routed to the most appropriate agent, Buzzeasy reduces idle time while optimizing productivity. And because customers no longer have the frustration of waiting in a queue with unknown queue times, interminable hold music, and the inability to do anything else, abandoned calls plummet and your customers’ expectations are surpassed.


The Buzzeasy online administration portal makes it fast and easy to configure and fully manage your Buzzeasy system, so that your callback service is always matched with your up-to-the-minute business needs.

The intuitive, easy-to-use interface enables you to make changes as-and-when you need them, so you can always react quickly to changing call volumes and agent availability. Whether you need to set up roles-based user access, add and edit new in-queue callback services, upload your own IVR announcements, manage opening hours and daily time slots to schedule call backs in quieter periods, or to change the whisper message played to agents, you can manage all this - and more – from a single location.

Matching callback service with up-to-the-minute business needs
Essential customer information always at hand

When placing a callback to your agents, Buzzeasy can provide them with the customer’s callback number, using Calling Line Identification (CLI). This makes it possible for your existing screen-pop to use the phone numbers to identify customers and provide their details seamlessly to your agents. With up-to-the-minute customer information to hand, agents can provide a faster, more personalized service. And if you don’t have an intelligent screen-pop? No problem. Buzzeasy works with all other Geomant solutions, including DeskTop Connect and Contact Expert, both of which deliver out-of-the-box screen-pops as standard.


The Buzzeasy hybrid solution adds the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to your on-premises voice infrastructure without sacrificing security or control. A highly secure connection from the Buzzeasy cloud to your on-premises voice infrastructure can be established via Microsoft Azure, eliminating any additional telephony costs related to the Buzzeasy service. As part of the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Buzzeasy service can be used anywhere in the world, and because call traffic is local, Buzzeasy becomes even more cost effective, while PCI compliance becomes much simpler to achieve.

Scalability & flexibility with cost efficiency
Cloud delivery: Rapid deployment

Every callback is delivered from the cloud via secure UK data centres, so you can rapidly enjoy the considerable benefits Buzzeasy brings, without the need for on-site hardware or capital expenditure. Within just days you can be offering in-queue callback to your customers, while adding click-and-connect ‘call me’ buttons to your website, mobile apps and emails and powering compelling outbound SMS campaigns with interactive callback requests.

With just one beautifully simple, low-cost solution, you can simultaneously transform customer service, increase customer loyalty and drive up operational efficiency – and all while differentiating your organization significantly from the competition.


Buzzeasy is a win-win for you and your customers.

For customers Buzzeasy means never having to wait in a queue again. It means being able to move effortlessly from any digital communication to a voice call. It means always being kept engaged and informed about the progress of their call. For your agents Buzzeasy means calls are always delivered with customer context so they can perform their jobs to the best of their ability. It means shorter contact times and increased FCR rates. And it means abandoned calls are wiped out.

For both the contact centre and its customers, Buzzeasy provides empowerment and a real sense of control.

A win-win for you & your customers

Your Customers Need Never Wait in a Queue Again

Connects Digital Channels to the Contact Centre

Transforms Outbound Contact into a Customer Service with Responsive SMS

Dramatically Improves Customer Service

Slashes Call Abandon Rates

Increases First Call Resolution

Smooths Out Call Peaks

Reduces Peak Time Staffing