Worker Safety Application

Worker Safety & Escalation Management Solution for Microsoft Skype for Business


The Worker Safety Application (WSA) automates and monitors the entire worker safety process from end to end, and is a critical tool for organizations who want to balance a duty of care to their mobile workers with a highly efficient and cost-effective service.

Leveraging the Microsoft Skype for Business communications platform, WSA reduces risk and anxiety for staff working in rural and remote areas, working alone or entering high-risk environments. Using simple, intuitive features, mobile workers can log details of their daily appointments, such as start and end times, as well as who and where they’re meeting; for added security WSA even collects real-time geo-location data. The system prompts workers to confirm they are safe at the end of every appointment, and if they don’t, WSA will automatically alert line managers, escalating to higher level managers if necessary, and ultimately to the emergency services.

And to provide managers with continuous, fast-track insight into the status and wellbeing of their team, the information WSA collects is displayed on a real-time web service dashboard, as well as being available for subsequent reporting.


Ensures the Safety of Your Mobile Workforce

Real-Time Monitoring & Escalations

Leverages Investment in Your Microsoft Skype for Business Platform

Easy-to-Use Features Delivered Across a Range of Devices

Quick & Easy to Implement

Highly Cost Effective

Real-Time Status Via Intuitive Dashboard

Escalation Alerts in a Variety of Formats

Uses PSTN Voice Calls: No Data Connection or Smartphone Required

Data Collected is Available for Reporting Purposes