Geomant Desktop Connect Express – New Features For The Avaya Screen-Pop Solution


Nowadays, nearly all calls are identified by CLI/ANI or IVR, and Desktop Connect Express links this data with an organization’s targeted customer data so that each time a customer calls in, their information is instantly accessible to the call centre agent via a screen-pop. But to make the most of an agent’s computer display area, Desktop Connect Express now provides a pop-up: an unobtrusive informational window that provides the agent with quick, easy access to relevant, up-to-the-minute call information – without encroaching on their screen’s real-estate. The pop-up can include the number that the customer is calling from (CLI) and the Direct Dialling In number (DDI) that they called, and customer link-ups can be performed easily based on the CLI.  Better still, the pop-up feature used with the new Buzzeasy Cloud Service integration presents customer information when a call back request arrives, replacing the ‘whisper’ message.



Desktop Connect Express saves up to 5 seconds of an agent’s time per call, and empowers staff to deliver extraordinary levels of customer care as they provide seamless, one-to-one service. Through pre-built integration between a company’s Avaya telephony platform and their preferred business applications, Desktop Connect Express offers a highly flexible solution that achieves maximum productivity benefits with minimal effort – and at minimal cost.

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